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Since we opened our online store, FreshGenie has become an integral part of the local community. We provide the best locally grown fresh produce at a lower cost delivered right to your door step. We also create healthy recipes, meal kits and ready made meals for your enjoyment.

FreshGenie gives you that extra boost to a healthy life. We pride ourselves on working closely with local farmers and growing our own fresh fruits and vegetables. Come and discover the true meaning of delicious.

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Fresh Start Vegetarian


Meat me @ the door

Meat lover

Dinner Party

Hosting Lover

Taste of Africa


Sweet Endings


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Come and hang with us while we spill the beans on the best cooking  tips, recipes and techniques.

We also have great social special offers and want to hear what makes your inner chef tick. Share photos of your awesome FreshGenie dishes so follow us and tag us on social media

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